Monday, July 24, 2006

Mt. Malindang Golf Club

This is a circa 1959 nine (9) holes golf course developed by a selected golf enthusiasts of ozamiznons. It is sitting and spreading at the foot of mount malindang, particularly the barangay of bagakay, ozamiz city. it is 15 minutes drive from the city proper, and any visitors in town can hit a round of golf for an hour or two.

This is the only golf course in the Philippines which has a distinction of having two fairways where s tee-off starts from an out-of-bounds already. Thats because the tee-off mounts are located outside the fairways. it is par 4 hole no. 2 and par. 5 hole no. 4. but of course, no penalty on the score card. you have to play accurate and be straight hitter because the fairways are shallow and peppered with obtacles trees. The club just had a newly renovated clubhouse with a second floor as a party floor and viewdeck. You have to have pinpint approach shots because the greens are just few wing span apart and when you putt, the grass are... well, sa bisaya par, pa ontol-ontol ang bola. he he.

Ozamiznon golfers from manila and parts of the country always bring their set to hack some balls while on a short vacation in ozamiz. Hole no. 7 is the longest fairway with a tee off facing the gigantic mt. malindang and you have to strike and fly the ball over the top of the coconut trees. If this course could be developed into full 18 holes course, it would be a very challenging and daunting job every golfer to conquer. Very interesting.

The Clubhouse

Hole No. 9


It is interesting to note that Mt. Malindang is also a sanctuary of exotic birds. On the picture taken in one open area of bagakay where this two lovebirds (maya)with red feathered breast and white beck are playing with each other, one looking to his left is talking to other who is looking to his right and warn him, "Pagbantay diha bai, kay ma-igo ka unya ug titliest nga golf ball. Birdie ka gyud!". He he. Beautiful.


For those who organized and winners of the last Mayor's Cup Invitational Golf Tournament held last July 15 and 16, 2006, congratulations to you.

A special golf tournament is said to be held this coming December 8, 2006 in time for the Feast of the Immaculate Concepcion.

I hope the board of directors and officers of the Mt. Malindang Golf Club will hold the First Mt. Malindang Founder's Cup Golf Tournament, a member-guest tournament patterned after the annual golf tournaments big golf clubs in metro-manila as part of their fund-raising. Looking forward to joining this.